Create a website easily and make money online from blogging

Create a website easily

Have you ever thought about how to create a website easily and earn from a website? Yes, creating a website blog and earning from it is one of the best ways to make money online for beginners and professionals as well, and it is among the most popular ways if someone wants to make money online. Now it’s your turn. Do you really want to make money from the Internet? Do you really want to start a blog and earn from a blog? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you.

In this comprehensive guide, I will provide you with everything you will need to earn from a website, from creating the site to making money online from blogging. Let me tell you that this article is a treasure trove of information for everyone who wants to earn real money from the internet.

I would like you to focus on and read this article very carefully. In short, everything you will need to earn from a website will be found here. What have you decided? Are you really going to read this article till the end? If yes, congratulations to you and now all you need to do is bring a cup of hot coffee and start reading this article.

But before proceeding further, I would like to tell you that if you are one of the people who are looking for a quick profit and without any effort, then this article is not for you as blogging requires time and patience. If you are ready to devote your time and effort, then continue till the end.

Now, moving on to the real stuff in which I have covered all the below points :

  1. How much does a blog earn
  2. How do blogs make money and how to become a blogger
  3. Steps required to start a blog for online passive income
  4. How to create a website easily

What is a blog?

what is a blog

A blog is a shortened version of “weblog” where people share their stories, thoughts, and opinions on an individual subject. Blog started off in the late 90s and early 2000s. Nowadays, blogging has kind of transformed into a form of content marketing to grow businesses and that’s why people blog nowadays to get that free search traffic from the search engines in order to make money online.

          Difference between a website and a blog

Here, we are going to discuss the comparison of a website with a blog. A blog is a type of website where the content is presented in reverse chronological order and its’ content is in the form of blog posts that are updated regularly whereas a website is in the form of web pages that are not updated frequently i.e. a website is generally static in nature. Usually, you would not have a blog section on the home page of a website. You have a dedicated home page that talks about the services that you offer and the business itself.

What is the difference between blog and website?

It has been found out that there are over 60% more traffic going to websites that have a blog than websites without a blog. Just to let you know that The website ( where you are reading this content is also a blog.

Different steps to build a blog or create a website easily

Here, we are going to discuss all the required steps for creating a blog. Now let me introduce you to a few steps that you must follow before creating your blog :

Different steps to create a website easily

     Choose the correct and reliable platform to create a website/blog

We must select a robust platform because it gives our website security and strength. Here we are going to use WordPress as it is the world’s most popular website building platform.

Why is the WordPress platform the right platform to create and make money from your website?

There are several things that make WordPress the perfect choice for beginners:

  1. Easy to install: You can install WordPress with just one click. Even being free, it is available with many features in addition to excellent customer support.

2. Its community is healthy: So whenever you encounter any problem, you will likely to get a solution to your queries.

3. Response: You can control your site and change its appearance without any programming experience.

4. Ease of use: WordPress is for all of its users due to its easy-to-use functionality even if you have no programming experience.

 Choose a proper and specific domain name as well as hosting for your blog

What is a domain name?

In the simplest terms, a domain name is just the address to your website or blog. A domain name is your web address and your web address is a URL. For example, the domain name of our blog is

As your domain is the address of your blog, try to choose the domain name that is easy to remember and which suits your blog niche. Being this a technology blog, I chose the domain name accordingly.

What is a hosting?

Hosting basically means the server responsible for storing all the data and files related to your site so that your website is accessible by website visitors.

I have bought this domain ( and the hosting plan from as I found their plans to be cheaper than the rest of the providers for the first year.

There are other domain and hosting providers which you can choose according to your need and budget.

We will discuss in detail about the domain and hosting in our next post.

Prepare your website/blog

Now that you have bought the domain and hosting and have chosen WordPress as the website builder for your blog, all we need now is to create a website using WordPress :

1) Install the WordPress: Almost all the hosting providers offer a one-click WordPress installation that will have your site up and ready for customization. As described above, WordPress is one of the best platform to create a website easily.

2) Pick a theme: Theme determines the look and feel of your website. There are ample readymade themes available in the market. Try to choose the themes carefully that looks good and has good functionality.

3) Install plugins: A plugin is something that changes or adds to the functionality of WordPress. For example: All-in-One WP Migration – backs up the entire website, Yoast SEO – improves SEO of the website, etc.

4) Upload your content: After following all the above processes, now it is time to upload your content and media on your chosen topic, make modifications if required, and start building your audience.

When to start a blog or a website?

If you want to share your online knowledge and information for quite cheap, then start with an online blog and build a relationship and a community around your knowledge. If you want to take it into a business, you should consider starting a website. For instance, if you have a grocery store, you might want to start a business website.

If you can marry up the two things that include a blog on the website, then you will be on to a real winner!

How do blogs make money?

Blogs make money in a few different ways. These are :

1) Affiliate Marketing

Primarily and the most easiest way to make money from a blog online is affiliate marketing through different products and services. Earn commission on each sale you make by promoting other people’s or company’s products.

Affiliate Marketing works really if you have targeted traffic along with a relevant offer in front of that targeted traffic. All you have to do is to get search traffic for a specific keyword or phrase and then put relevant products and services which the users are most likely to buy.

One of the popular programs is Amazon Associates which allows you to quickly sign up with Amazon and then start promoting products and services within your blog post.

Product promotion (Targeted Traffic + Relevant Offer) + sale = Money$$$.

In the upcoming post, we will be discussing Affiliate Marketing in deep and the other popular Affiliate programs.

2) Advertising

There are many different types of advertising networks that you can use in your blog. Many blogs and websites use advertising at it is a proven moneymaker where you can make money by selling ads.

There are different types of ads that bloggers can use to make money. One of the most used and trusted ad network is Google Adsense. I would recommend you to have at least a search traffic of 10,000 visitors a month and then apply to an ad network to create a decent amount of money online.

There are many ad networks and their types that you can use in your blog which I will cover in the other post by which you can generate a good amount f money.

3) Selling Products and services

You can create your own products and services such as e-book, online courses, merchandise, etc. and can link your products/services organically into your blog posts from where the users can purchase your stuff, thus making you some money.

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4) Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tool that provides value to users in the form of content. It is an effective way to convert leads into sales by sending personalized emails to a targeted audience.

If people subscribe to your email list for free or valuable content and then you can optimize your email list to make money by creating personalized emails to a specific or a targeted audience and then you can reach out to them via email. It can also be used to remarket pre-qualified leads.

We will discuss about Email Marketing in-depth in the other post.

5) Sponsorship

Publishing a sponsored post is also a way to make money online where a company pays a blogger to write about their products or services in your blog post. In order to get a sponsorship, you should have a blog with a good number of page views or followers in your niche.

How much does a blog earn?

If you are looking to get an answer on how much a niche site can earn, I would like to tell you that it’s so hard to answer that question because obviously the answer is it depends. A person having 10K page views only can earn thousands of dollars a month while a person with over 1 million page views may not be able to earn even $100. This uneven earning depends on various factors.

how does a blog make money

Earning a good amount from a fewer page views can be done if you really nail the monetization. Putting an affiliate link into your blog posts will earn you way more than the ads.

Blogging revenue is a function of traffic – It means that traffic is directly proportional to the revenue. More the traffic, more will be the revenue. But the amount of money that can be made via blogging depends on the number of visitors, the quality of your blog, the demographics of your blog visitors, your blog niche, RPM among other factors.

Some bloggers are earning over a million dollars a month whereas many of the other bloggers are not making even a $100 a month. So, apart from the factors mentioned above, hard work, determination, and patience are the keys to determine the earning potential of your blog.

What is the career in blogging in 2020?

Blogging can be taken as a full-time career option and chances are that you can earn more money from your blog than your current salary. Hard work and patience are the prerequisites if you want to pursue it as a career option. So yes, we can say that blogging can be a good lucrative career option in 2020 and many more years to come.


This is how you can create a website easily. Your blog will be up and running in no time if you follow all the above steps. Creating a blog is just the first step. If you want to grow your blog and make it as a business, you have to provide valuable content to your users to gain their trust and ultimately your blog’s authenticity.


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