Real ways to make money from home online fast and easily in 2020

Real ways to make money from home online fast and easily in 2020

If you are a beginner looking for reliable sources and ways to earn money online and feel that you are lost and confused, I have prepared this page specifically for you. In short, you will know what I am currently working on and what brings good profits. This will enable you to save time and effort.

Legitimate ways to make money online

Many beginners search for real ways to make money online from home and how to make money on the internet without any investment. In this post, I am going to introduce a few of the easiest ways on how to earn money online and will provide you with some cool ideas to make money at home so that you can start making a good amount of money every day.

make money online from home

All the ideas to make money from home which I am going to explain are recognized and proven. This article is a treasure trove of information if you are particularly searching for make money from home online and I recommend that you stay till the end and it is highly likely that you would get some online money earning ideas and tips. If you encounter an issue, I am here to help you to make money online easily from the internet for free, so feel free to ask your questions through the comment section.

Now, moving on to the real stuff in which I have covered all the below points :

  1. Make money from home ideas
  2. How to make money without a job
  3. Jobs that make money from home
  4. How to create online passive income

Some of the real ways to make money from home are :

Make money by survey

make money online by surveysOne of the simplest ways to make money from the Internet is to take surveys online. You do not require any experience in completing a survey. All you have to do is to complete the given survey to be eligible for a certain amount of money or points. Apart from surveys, many survey sites offer money for completing tasks such as playing games online, watching videos, searching the web, and downloading coupons among others. The challenging thing here is to find an honest and reputed survey site that actually pays. But you need not worry as I am going to list down a few of the genuine survey sites which you can trust where some of them even pay for sign up!

1) Survey Junkie
  • 100% free.
  • Easy signup process.
  • Ample of surveys.
  • No spam mails.

You can visit Survey Junkie from here

2) InboxDollars
  • Quick sign up process.
  • Simple format.
  • Ample of surveys.
  • Good money even for short surveys.
  • Earn from other tasks too such as playing games, Searching the web, etc.

You can visit InboxDollars from here

3) Swagbucks
  • Receive a $5 welcome bonus.
  • It offers tens of thousands of paid surveys every day.
  • Rewards you with cashback or free gift cards.
  • You can earn points by watching videos, searching the web, etc.

You can visit Swagbucks from here

4) LifePoints
  • Their surveys can be completed in less time.
  • Though their payout per survey is slightly less but you won’t be tied to a single survey for 30 minutes or so.
  • Awarded $28 million to its members in the last year.

You can visit LifePoints from here

5) Branded Surveys
  • User-friendly site.
  • Quick signup process.
  • It pays you for completing online surveys and other tasks.

You can visit Branded Surveys from here

These are a few of the best survey sites (according to my experience) from which you can make money from surveys. You can also make money online by surveys from other good survey sites too which we will cover in the next post.

Make Money by reviewing applications and sites

Review of websites and application

The review of applications and sites is among the best ways to make money from the Internet in 2020. You can review applications and websites to achieve large sums of money every day. Here, I will explain how one can create online money just by reviewing websites and applications.

Well, let me explain it to you now, so let’s suppose that I am the owner of a website or an application on the internet and I need a group of people to evaluate my application and review it and provide their honest opinion with the aim of improving the product and giving a good experience to its’ users.

So, in this case, either I can directly assign that task to the testers whom I know or can approach a website that plays the role of mediator between the owner of the product and the QA/testers.

There are a few websites that enable you to earn a good amount of money just by evaluating/reviewing different apps or websites. These are :

1) UserTesting
  • Get up to $30 every hour by reviewing the websites or applications.
  • Make $10 for every 20-minute test you complete and even more for interviews.
  • Easy signup process.
  • Earn extra money from home on your own schedule.
  • Get paid exactly 7 days from the time your test ended.

You can visit UserTesting from here

2) TryMyUI
  • Get paid $10 for each test you take.
  • Get payments every Friday through PayPal.
  • No limit on the number of tests you take.
  • Easy process.

You cab visit TryMyUI from here

3) TestingTime
  • Earn up to € 50 per hour.
  • Each study is done over Skype/Zoom or client in-person.
  • Test products from good companies.
  • Get paid within 10 days after test completion.

You can visit TestingTime from here

4) Enroll
  • Take user tests on any device—phones, tablets, or desktops.
  • It takes mere minutes in order to complete a test.
  • Get compensated for each test.
  • Get paid via PayPal.

You can visit Enroll from here

5) UserZoom
  • The tests take 10-20 minutes.
  • Easy payments.
  • Get paid within 10-14 days.
  • Studies are simple to complete.
  • Getting accepted to this site is not too difficult.

You can visit UserZoom from here

Apart from the above-mentioned sites, there are other websites that are paying people to give them a try and provide feedback, for the sake of creating the best product possible that is easy, simple, and accessible which we will discuss in the next post.

Make Money by Freelancing

make money by freelancing

Freelancing is one of the most popular ways to make money online from home for anyone from a newbie to skilled. There are various freelancing websites and freelance online jobs from where you can get work. All you need to do is to create an account, go through all the listings and apply for the task that you are comfortable with.

The process of freelancing

These Freelancing sites work by selling services, so let us assume that I am good at designing. Simply, I will go to these sites and I will offer my services in return for some amount of money. There are some people who are not good at designing, so they will go to these sites to find someone who designs for them and in return, you will get paid.

You can create an account with your detailed skillset on these sites and even can create custom gigs so that interested clients can contact you directly.

There are various websites from where you can earn anywhere from $5 to thousands of dollars depending upon the service you provide and the skillset you possess. These websites include :

1) Fiverr
  • By doing freelancing of Fiverr, you can create your own gigs that you love.
  • You can charge the price you deserve.
  • No membership/joining fee.
  • Less hassle.
  • Transparent.
  • Payments can be made via credit/debit card, PayPal, or other electronic payment.

You can visit Fiverr from here

2) Upwork
  • Transparent recruitment process.
  • By doing freelancing on Upwork, you can work for many clients such as Microsoft, Dropbox, Airbnb, etc.
  • Freelancers can propose their own rates based on the client’s budget.
  • A great place to start your freelancing journey.
  • Proposals take time and credits.

You can visit Upwork from here

3) PeoplePerHour
  • By doing freelancing on PeoplePerHour, you have the ability to sell “hourlies”, meaning you don’t constantly have to apply for jobs as buyers come to you.
  • Easy account verification, unlike Upwork.
  • It seems to be aimed at the European market.
  • High fees and lack of customer support.

You can visit PeoplePerHour from here

4) Guru
  • Fair fees
  • Multiple payment methods
  • easy hiring
  • By doing freelancing on Guru, you get a comprehensive dashboard
  • Customers can track freelancer activity on hourly contracts using the special time-tracking software.

You can visit Guru from here

5) 99Designs
  • This website aims to focus on designer jobs.
  • It also allows clients to start a contest that anyone in 99Designs can participate in.
  • By doing freelancing on 99Designs, you get different tools to make the designing process easier.
  • Great customer service and support.

You can visit 99Designs from here

All the above-mentioned Freelancing websites are worth trying if you are looking for some extra money. In fact, many freelancers have made it as a full-time job and earning a good amount of money.

Apart from these websites, there exist other freelance jobs online which can be taken a side income.

Make money by selling courses online

Make money by selling courses online

You can also sell your own courses (in which you have good knowledge) to people online and generate a good amount of money. But easier said than done, you may have a hard time doing so due to the following reasons :

  1. People don’t want to buy online courses and what they really want are the outcomes and the results that an online course could potentially give them. They will buy it if they think that their life would be better after using that product.
  2. When it comes to selling online courses, trust and proof are gonna be your best friends. Showing people that how this product actually works, testimonials of other people, previous students sharing their success with your online course could somewhat give people some trust and possibly some sales. Have your audience be convinced that the person creating the course is the right person to teach them that material. In short, winning people’s trust is very important for getting sales.
  3. In most cases, for many online courses that exist out there, the knowledge that exists in those courses is often already found free of charge on the web. So, why would people buy such courses? Well, people buy it if they feel it’s simply convenient. You are saving people time by having all the information they need, compressed into that one spot for them to take action on, and get results.

After making the changes as per the above points, you are good to go to sell your courses online. Now the question arises that on which platforms should we sell them? I am going to tell you some of the websites where you can sell your courses online and make some good money. These are :

1) Thinkific
  • Robust set of user-friendly features.
  • Email marketing tools.
  • Membership site integration for your lessons.
  • Excellent 24×7 customer support.
  • Easy course customization with their drag and drop editor.
  • You can sell your course with its advanced business tools.

You can visit Thinkific from here

2) Udemy
  • One of the best online course platform.
  • Over 35,000 instructors, 24 million students, and unbelievable 80,000+ courses.
  • Effortless courses creation.
  • Free to use.
  • Get access to a large user base.
  • Reliable technology and support.
  • Stiff competition with other publishers.

You can visit Udemy from here

3) Teachable
  • An easy to use course builder.
  • Ability to set up your blog within the Teachable admin profile.
  • It allows you to add videos, comments, and texts within your course – all on one page.
  • A high converting single check out pages.
  • Excellent options for free courses.
  • Fair pricing options.
  • Lack of integrations like Google Drive and Dropbox.

You can visit Teachable from here

4) Podia
  • It provides you a feature that allows you to turn any page into a course sales page which makes your visitor purchase your content without leaving the page itself.
  • Fair and affordable pricing.
  • Good storage and bandwidth to host your videos.
  • Zero transaction fees.
  • It lacks design flexibility.
  • It lacks features like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics for targeting the customers.

You can visit Podia from here

5) CreativeLive
  • Efficient learning platform.
  • It allows you to pick up the CreativeLive videos from where you left the previous session without any difficulty.
  • Wide selection of affordable classes.
  • Classes by well-known professionals.
  • Most of the free classes only focus on photography, leaving out areas like health, lifestyle, etc.
  • It lacks accessible customer support channels.

You can visit CreativeLive from here


All good things must come to an end and so do this post. But, before wrapping it up, I would like to tell you that these are just a few of the real ways to make money from home online in 2020 and many more years to come. There are ample ways to earn money online and many jobs that make money from home which we will discuss in the next post.



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