Whatsapp will give warning before forwarding message, new feature


Popular messaging app WhatsApp has started a new campaign named Check it before you share it. WhatsApp has done this to control fake news

A new feature is coming soon on the popular messaging app WhatsApp, which will give users a warning before forwarding any message. WhatsApp said that the company is going to launch a new campaign called Check it before you share it (check before sharing). This will be a kind reminder for WhatsApp users to confirm the information given in the message. The company is doing this to curb fake news.

These days, fake news related to Coronavirus is being spread on all social media platforms including WhatsApp. WhatsApp says that the purpose of this campaign is to inculcate the habit of getting more and more information about a message to the users. The company said that users should confirm this through the MyGov helpline or online before receiving any message or forwarding it.
All information related to COVID-19 here

Let us tell you that WhatsApp recently launched a chatbot to spread awareness of the Coronavirus among people and to prevent the spread of false information related to it. Its name was MyGov Corona Helpdesk, which is brought together with the Government of India. Under this, all WhatsApp users only have to save the number 9013151515 on their phones.

On this number, you can ask questions related to Corona. For example, you can ask ‘What Are the symptoms of coronavirus’. You will get an automated response to your question. Apart from this, the government had also issued a coronavirus national helpline number. These toll-free numbers are 011-23978046 and 1075.


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