Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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How to secure your account on Instagram, this is the way

If you feel that a user is bothering you. Instagram is a popular platform for sharing videos and photographs. Its users are also increasing rapidly. On this platform, users share their videos and photos, so it is also important to keep privacy safe. Learn how to keep your privacy safe here. Hide location data You will probably never want anyone else to...

Google will block ads on Chrome browser, will save battery

  Google Chrome will block ads to provide a better user experience Google Chrome has been given many updates recently and has been updated. It has been announced by Google that the ads will be blocked on Google Chrome very soon. Google will block ads that use more device resources and network resources. This will save the battery of the device...

A new feature of Facebook, make your 3D animated avatar

  Users will be able to create their own 3D animated avatar A new feature is being rolled out for users by social networking site Facebook. With the help of this feature named Avatars, users will be able to create their own 3D animated avatar and can also use the stickers created with this avatar while messaging them and in the...

Apple iPhone SE 2020 sales from May 20, revealed by Flipkart listings

The new Apple iPhone SE will finally be available for sale in India from May 20 after its launch in April. This information has been obtained from a special page made on Flipkart. The Apple iPhone SE was launched in April this year. The new Apple iPhone is priced at Rs 42,500 in India. Sales of Apple iPhone SE 2020...

The world’s fastest camera takes 70 lakh crore photos in a second

  The ultra-fast camera has been made by the researchers of Caltech Scientists have designed a camera that can click 70 lakh crore photos in a second. This ultra-fast camera has been made by the researchers of Caltech. Let us know in detail what is the quality of this camera and where it will be used properly. Smartphones and DSLR cameras allow...

Samsung is bringing the cheapest foldable phone, it will be priced

Samsung is bringing the world's cheapest foldable smartphone, which will be named Galaxy Fold Special Edition. Some details of this phone have been leaked online. South Korean company Samsung is bringing the most cost-effective foldable smartphone. According to a report, the company is working on a cheaper version of the Galaxy Fold smartphone. Some details of this phone have been leaked...

Google increased the tension of WhatsApp, video calling will be done from Chrome browser

Google has decided to leave WhatsApp behind in video calling. This is the reason that nowadays Google is testing to provide video calling facility in its Chrome browser. It is being told that Google will soon roll out this feature for global users. Lockdown is going on in many countries of the world due to the Coronavirus. Due to this,...

Samsung Frame TV will be launched this month, equipped with high-tech features

Samsung may launch its new series of frame TVs this month. The TV of the new series will come with many Dhansu and high-tech features. This TV can be launched in three sizes. A notification me page of this TV has also been made live on Flipkart. Legendary tech giant Samsung is about to launch a new series of its...

The world’s first smart wristbands to tell body temperature

The Goqii Vital 3.0 fitness band will tell you the body temperature. The price of this fitness band in India is Rs. 3,999. The band will be available to frontline workers, government, and private enterprises competing Covid-19 on an immediate basis. Also, some of its units will also be available for common users. A special smart wrist band has arrived....

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